Why BRT311™?

BRT311™ by Ecze-Aid is a medically developed & highly effective 3:1:1 ratio treatment for Eczema, Dry-Itchy Skin Inflammations & Dermal Hyper-Sensitivities that perfectly mimics your skin’s epidermal barrier composition [skin identical]. It’s specifically formulated to treat the PRIMARY CAUSE, containing only Super Premium-Grade, Clinically-Proven & EWG Verified ingredients, featuring: 🔸 3 parts of CERAMIDE 3 🔸 1 part of CHOLESTEROL 🔸 1 part of FREE FATTY ACIDS — Targeting TOTAL EPIDERMAL BARRIER REPAIR & RESTORATION – unlike other temporary fixes that merely suppress symptoms [eg: anti-itch, moisturizing creams, steroids etc].

Say "Enough Is Enough!"

“Itch-Scratch" Cycle

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The itching comes first. Then the scratching… which causes the rash… which leads to more itching and scratching… which worsens the rash… and so spirals the Itch-Scratch Cycle.

*The science behind it here

Heal the ROOT, The Rest Will Follow

Treat Your Eczema Intelligently

It’s all too common for people with skin dermatitis to bank on the countless anti-itch or “cure-all” products readily available in the market [steroid creams included]. Not that they are bad products –– just that they are simply not designed to treat the PRIMARY CAUSE of the condition.

When the inner layers of your skin are heavily infested with hostile pathogens, it doesn’t matter how much of these u splash on, it’ll just be a temporary fix to suppress the symptoms [itchiness, rashes, dryness etc], but that DOES NOT SOLVE the ACTUAL PROBLEM! Hence, the never-ending struggle & frustrations.

*The science behind it here

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Real People, Real Results!

Lived a lifetime with severe eczema inc my daughter, who inherited it since birth. Countless specialists & thousands of RM later, it’s always back to steroids for temp relief. Imagine the helplessness & frustration we’ve been thru!

It was not until insistence by friends who swore by the BRT that our lives changed forever. The initial doubt & hesitation was deeply ingrained, but to our amazement, our skin cleared up within days & have not had a single flare-up thus far!! It’s truly unbelievable & we can now safety scream FINALLY!! A treatment that actually works!! It’s practically a LIFE-SAVER for my family!

TQVM fm the bottom of our hearts.

LC Cheah
Verified User

"Its The ONLY Treatment You'll Ever Need!"


NEW Look. ENHANCED Formulation!


Optimal Barrier Repair & Restoration

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Our users have these to say...

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I’ve tried almost every product I can find in the market. You name it, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, even an ointment which claims to cure everything. They only relieve some discomfort but the rash and cracks remain. This has made me very insecure and has badly affected my self-esteem. Turns out my skin is super sensitive and now I know it’s mainly caused by a weak protective barrier. The moisturizing effect of BRT311 is very obvious even on the first time, and in just several days, I can see that it’s really taking effect. The rash are all gone and my cracked skin has healed drastically. I have recommended BRT311 to many friends and they are also getting similar results. Super recommended!

Datin Nora Verified User

I have been applying steroid cream on my 5-year old’s skin each time she experiences an active flare. We’ve even “upgraded” to [brand withheld], which is a stronger steroid. It has been several years now and although there are side effects, I can’t bear to see my girl suffer. So, imagine my relief to be introduced to BRT311. This has been the only effective product to calm her skin. I’ve completely stopped the steroid cream even on bad days! This is showing very strong promise that it’s working and fast! I can’t tell you how happy I am as a mummy.

Phaik Lin Verified User

I've been using BRT311 for about a week on my 4 month old baby who has had baby eczema since he was born. I've tried everything including a variety of homeopathic creams and nothing has worked as well as BRT311. I applied a little bit on each spot where the eczema has popped up and within days, the dryness and redness has disappeared, permanently... unlike the other creams which just make it go away temporarily. I also feel better about putting it on his sensitive skin than all those other products that have more chemical ingredients. This product absorbs into the skin really quickly, so there is no residue. I’m a believer!

Gillian Sim Verified User

I tried a number of lotions, creams etc but nothing worked. I’m amazed at how quickly the BRT311 cream absorbs into my skin and the moisturizing effect is almost too good to be true. My skin is no longer dry and so far, my skin eczema has not returned for a while now. Just be patient and you will surely not regret it.

Madam Toh Verified User

This product has worked miraculously for me! I suffered from constant eczema my entire life and have tried every cream [prescription and OTC] there is. My rashes would keep me up all night itching. I tried BRT311 out of sheer desperation after a friend highly recommended it. I had NO expectations that it would actually work, but within a week my eczema was gone and I have been rash free for over 2 months. I would without hesitation recommend this to anyone and everyone! I don’t understand how, but it works like magic and I will continue using this forever!

Anthony Dass Verified User

I have had eczema since I can remember and have been using hydrocortisone creams forever. Started on my feet and moved to hands and elbows mostly as I became older. BRT311 works and I wish everyone that has eczema would have access to this to try it for a few weeks and you will be amazed as I have been. Thanks to BRT311, I feel almost like I’ve been cured of cancer 🙂 Those of you out there who have it know what that means to me.

Shu Lin Verified User

Thank you so much for your amazing product. I have been prescribed drugs by a skin specialist for the last year. My face, ears, neck, arms and chest have been covered with red, dry, itchy, thick skin for the last few years and this has affected my confidence to the point of not wanting to even go out at times. After receiving BRT311 on Friday, I saw and felt an almost immediate benefit and 7 days on, the results are clearly visible and I can now sleep through the night without waking repeatedly with burning itchy skin. I cannot thank you enough. I feel like I have finally started to get my life back again.

Lee Xuan Verified User

I purchased a jar of BRT311 about 3-4 weeks ago after my husband told me to check it out. Before using it, every other product would sting my face, make it redder and dry it out. Your miracle of a cream is not only easy to use, it is the only one that my face has tolerated and improved from. The eczema on my face has died down, the redness has faded and my confidence has streamed all because of your miracle cream. I cannot thank you enough! Guess who will be your loyal customer from now? Bless! Many thanks.

Mrs Kerk Verified User

I’ve been suffering from constant infections from my eczema on several parts of my body for many years now and was desperate for a solution. Having tried so many different stuffs, I was naturally skeptical but decided to give BRT311 a go anyway since it’s supposed to manage the root cause of my condition. Within a few days of application, the infection started to clear up and within a week, my condition improved significantly and getting better by the day. I’m praying that in due time, I will be free from this suffering. Literally can’t live without it now!

Daphne Lim Verified User

Eczema has been affecting me my whole life. I’ve tried many ways including trying out many “miracle” products only to be disappointed every single time. In fact, I am very reliant on steroids ever since I was young but that only gave me temporary relieve. Just when I wanted to give up and accept my fate, a friend recommended BRT311 after her 2 sons saw great improvement in their condition. As they say, the rest is history because no longer need the steroid creams and my condition has improved tremendously. Hope this can truly continue to “heal” my skin from the root. Thank you, BRT311!

Sayuki M Verified User

I developed hand eczema in my late 30’s and suffered with it for 5 years now. My flare-ups would range from mild to severe and have tried just about every treatment available. Some would work for a while, like hydrocortisone creams but eventually I would build up a tolerance and they were ineffective. When I first tried BRT311, I was doubtful, but desperate, within a few days, I noticed my eczema clearing up, but I didn’t get too excited since my eczema is cyclical. I am happy to report that I think my eczema cycle has finally broken since I’ve not gotten an episode for a while now. Keeping my fingers crossed but somehow, I feel confident that it’s working. Thank you for this great formulation.

Niki Yong Verified User

My sister’s little boy is 6 ½ months and has really bad eczema/dry skin and she had tried everything. I told her about this after my colleague was raving about it in the office [I bought it for her actually]. She gave it a go and it was super effective within days. Clears the skin perfectly and he doesn't scratch his skin like he used to. It’s really amazing and I’m glad I was able to help.

Katherine DeSouza Verified User